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Once upon a time in Azulia....

              Coconut, bubblegum, and chocolate flavored waterfalls fill the magical land of Azulia. Breath-taking moss covers the majestic mountains and filters through the canopy that winds under the serene forests. Pools of crystal clear water display shimmering wish stones at the bottom. The whimsical fairies of Azulia make the wish stones out of stardust, rose petals, and crystal for a single time use. People make wishes by closing their eyes and tossing the stone behind them while silently wishing. They do not look behind them to find the stone because if they did the stone would lose it’s magic and become an ordinary rock. Instead they look forward and know that their stone just transformed into their wish and believe without looking for its shimmer upon the ground.
Winding jellybean bushes grow close by these pools of water. Winthrop the Wizard of Azulia made these candy bushes. He made them so that when a jellybean is thrown against a tree it becomes a butterfly the same color as the bean. These jellybeans also turn into butterflies when they lay upon the forest floor for long periods of time. Sparkle, the playful swan of Azulia, loves to feast on these delicious candies that are close to her stream. Past the white sand beaches where Sparkle swims are intricate caves that hold layers of gems such as opals, sapphires, emeralds, and moon stones. The caves are lined with veins of silver and lit up by fireflies and glowworms. The magical creatures of Azulia come to the caves at night at to gaze upon this beautiful sight. During the day, these creatures visit me at Stardust Castle.

            Stardust Castle is where I call home. I flit through the Castle and its grounds singing, dancing, and laughing. My Cuddlebe, Coco ( a fluffy little animal who changes into the color of the food they eat) and I love to play outside. My goals in life are to help people believe in the magic behind music, believe in each other, and most of all believe in themselves. I am known as Princess Pippi. When I was young, I never left Azulia because I was so happy with its familiar forests and gentle streams. Also only very strong magic can bring one to and from Azulia. One day I came upon an old man who had lost his family and would spend his days down by Moonlit Meadow crying. I knelt down by him and talked to him until sunset. My father, the King of Azulia, took in the old man that night and let him sleep at Stardust Castle. During sunrise, I came to the room where the old man stayed to bid him good morning. But I did not find an old man in the room. Instead I found a hand-crafted silver star shaped wand and piece of gold parchment that read:


I was never an old man who had lost his family. I am just a thought, a whisp of air, a dream of helpfulness. I became an old man to see if you, Princess Pippi, had the courage and heart to help people. After yesterday, I know you truly do. Take this wand as a tool to make people happy and help those in need. You can use it within Azulia, but it is far beyond the power of these forests. It has the ability to transport you to other lands far away to help fellow humans all over the universe. Use it wisely. The wand runs on the love in your heart. Remember to never let that love go.


This brings me to where I am now. Visiting all of you.  I have come to bring magic to your world and show you a different kind of happiness that is known in Azulia. Some ways that I spread these happy thoughts are through entertaining at birthday parties, libraries, daycare/preschools, and school assemblies. At these lovely occasions I sing, dance, play musical games, encourage imagination, host tea parties, and read stories. I am looking forward to meeting you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my website!

If you are looking for me, check my calendar to see when I will next be visiting an area near you!

Parents, if you would like to know more about my princess qualifications click here to view my personal letter to you along with my resume.

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